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Phoenix: The wedding of Dongguan economy playing a card

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City, said the new language into the "five-second" OPENING MESSAGE: Industrial restructuring, recovery, upgrades, recruitment difficulties, business is about to move into ... ... in 2010, these words are in our eyes the frequency is very high. This is Dongguan's economic and social status quo. 2011 New Year bell will soon ring, "five-second" coming, the two organizations will expand the opening ... ... simple right after the government which will usher in a new atmosphere? Songshan Lake "upgrade" after the trend of how? Emerging eco-industrial park east of Songshan Lake to catch up? On these specific topics but ambitious, all aspects of decision-makers in Dongguan will be to answer. No doubt, this 2,000 square kilometers, Dongguan land another round of changes will occur. To this end, we introduced the township (sector) leader interview series, and with a view of some scholars, the Dongguan some analysis of the present and future, to help the pace of development in Dongguan more clear sound. Townhouses towering ancient towers, spread at the row upon row of tall buildings, the traditional and trendy, so perfectly integrated in one, which is has a "back garden of Hong Kong and Shenzhen" and "national chess town" reputation Fenggang. In the "second five" comes on the eve of the 2011 is about to enter what Fenggang ambitious? Yesterday's interview, Fong Zhu town committee secretary, told reporters the country and count the ways. "We decided from next year will be 'wedding industry' as a specialized industry of support in the future 'Fenggang wedding' to be like 'Houjie furniture', 'Humen garments', 'Long wool', as one of Dongguan's economy Photo features business card. "Turning to create" the first town of Chinese wedding "vision, Zhu Guo, and full of confidence," that time, people come to us planning a wedding, small to an invitation to the thousands of big wedding, we be able to quality 'one-stop service' seal the deal! " On the "first town wedding": 100 million be allocated each year to support Reporter: Do you think Fenggang development "wedding industry" What a unique advantage? Zhu States and: Of course we have an advantage. Fung is the Pearl River Delta "one-hour economy" putting an important stop in, there is the excellent location, where business development, beautiful environment, traffic clouds, the largest wedding photography base in southern China also settled here. Reporter: What are the specific development plan it? Zhu States and: We consider the integration of Smithfield Wedding City, wedding hotel, Dragon Hill film base and other resources, to construct a hotel, shopping malls, apartments, wedding photography base is one of the "wedding culture industry city", to create "Chinese wedding first town." Starting this year, for 5 to allocate 100 million per year as a special support fund, mainly used for wedding publicity and promotion of cultural industries. Reporter: associated companies, Fenggang have any specific support measures? Zhu States and: first, the support on the site, the current government is promoting Tseng Tau Area Fenggang the "three old reform", 20 million square meters of the site will give priority to projects to support cultural industries wedding. Second, we carried out the future of foreign investment each year, will focus on the recommended wedding culture industry city, the wedding into the culture industry "characteristic Project" to encourage more entrepreneurs to set up wedding factory Guan Jing Tou, jewelry, wedding jewelery and other supporting industries, and organized the relevant schools, train wedding industry professionals. In addition, we will "wedding" and the "Overseas" brand new and old cultures combine to form its own unique culture industry cluster. October this year, overseas visitors in our first Festival opening ceremony, 100 couples dressed in traditional Hakka clothing, in the suona, Huaqiao mass wedding held surrounded, this is our promise of new "wedding culture" and our original The "guest Overseas culture" the integration of the first attempt, well received. Currently, as the "wedding industrial city" of supporting the park, four national 4A scenic spots in accordance with standard construction of the theme park has started, the biggest one is "off overseas customs Park" to the museum of Hakka culture is also based wedding planning . On the "chess town": Development of cultural products Chess Reporter: As the "National Chess town", Fong Qi Feng prosperity, the town government to continue this tradition in folk? Zhu States and: our super chess master Lin Yang officer named "Officer Lin Yang Cup" National Chess Open, held the 4th has become an internationally influential event, known as "Chinese Chess World Cup", this event will continue in future gone out of existence. Campaign to promote chess does not mean "burn" mining "the official Lin Yang Cup" business behind the brand value, to let the road go further. We will seek to develop with the enterprise culture of chess-related products, and plans to take to the official Lin Yang theme of the drama, animation and so on. In addition, we have to attract more young people involved, such as Chess Challenge Cup held over the weekend to encourage kids to "Da Lei" in the second class primary and secondary schools to carry out activities such as chess, for this traditional event into the "fresh blood" . Overseas visitors about culture: Huang Tung Village to declare for the province, "village" Reporter: Phoenix has the largest Hakka Dongguan, ancient buildings, how to combine conservation and development? Zhu States and: Phoenix has more than 100 townhouses, near a hundred years despite wind and rain, most are still well preserved, it is a valuable historical asset. Overseas customers we now set up a cultural construction and conservation work leading group, and strive for the ancient buildings of the yellow Village in Guangdong Province reported historical and cultural village. In addition, Fong also plans to build a guest Overseas Cultural Park, sightseeing, leisure, restaurants in one, hope to promote the development of cultural tourism industry overseas visitors, enhance the urban charm. Expert view Cultural details of the promising mining Fenggang SOUTH (Provincial People's Government Counsellor, Hakka Research Institute): Overseas visitors is a very unique culture, the culture, both within the traditional Hakka culture, but also Chinese culture. Overseas visitors who not only retained a lot of tradition, but also brought a lot of Europe and America, Southeast Asia style. In promoting Hakka culture, the overseas to taste some more, which is itself the characteristics of overseas visitors, is now young people pay attention to lively, fresh pursuit of fashion. Marriage is a very rich cultural content, many people will come to the wedding photography as a historical preservation. Implementation of the Hakka wedding candle, drag blue, couplet, have a unique style. Fenggang tapped into the details of these cultures is very meaningful, Fung promising, there will be many articles to do. Two and a town "Turning 'wedding industry town', will have to make a person - Provincial CPPCC members, honorary citizen of Dongguan City, Ho Cheuk Fai, it was his 'match' the Phoenix and the wedding industry, this 'fate'. - Zhu States and " Fenggang Ho Cheuk Fai is the Hong Kong investment in one of the earliest settled in 2009, just the pressure of cross-financial tsunami, he realized that God alone, investment in enterprises in the old model has not adapted to contemporary needs, so spend more than 100 million yuan, will be its hotels, shopping malls, vacation Villa and other industries to integrate into a "wedding Greenfield Park", the provision of a wedding photo and put a comprehensive wedding banquet wedding tourist resort. This Fenggang town government offers a solution, after repeated research and experts, this year the town government made a strategic decision: in the next few years, wedding industry will be supported as a specialized industry, and strive to "Fong Kong Wedding" Dongguan After playing a "Humen clothing", "Houjie furniture," "Big Long wool" after another one with distinctive features of the "economic card." Preparation of the wedding industry committees town by town leaders personally, responsible for creating the wedding culture. "Said Fung chess career, first of all to thank a person, he is super late Chinese chess master, Fong Lin Yang veteran officer. - Zhu States and " Yang Lin is a Phoenix officer who is also the new China's first national chess champion, did not forget his hometown after he became famous, many back Shouyi, named after him, "the official Lin Yang Cup" National Chess Open has held four sessions, has become an international influence power event, known as "Chinese chess World Cup." Charm Fenggang 1653, the first from the Taiwanese and Hakka tribe of the Yellow River area through the long trek to the beautiful Phoenix, from homes here. As the largest concentration of Dongguan Hakka township, Fong Hakka left many precious cultural treasures, such as the Hakka one of the eight Yin enjoys the reputation of Guangdong in the first genius of Song Xiang had to Fenggang granted by the lecture of "usurp Hong Hall "is the text of the Guangdong provincial protection units. In addition there are 118 well-preserved Fenggang ancient towers and the Hakka Round Houses, Guanjue Dongguan. As the official premium chess master Lin Yang's hometown, Fong's chess is also very rich cultural heritage: "the official Lin Yang Cup" National Chess Open has been successfully held the 4th. Guangzhou Asian Games opening on the eve of this year, played in the Asian Games team chess tournament of all members of the town were also closed to the Phoenix training.
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