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Japanese wedding wedding corporate network to seize the huge market in China

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Global Times special correspondent Wang Jing in Japan reported that, according to "Japan Xinhua China Press Network" message, to attract the Chinese wedding couples to Japan, is in the sweet love of the couple who have considerable appeal. Currently, the business in the ascendant, the face of the vast Chinese wedding market, the Japanese wedding company around the corner. According to information from Japan, "Daily News" message, November 30, EN-JAPAN Co., Ltd. of Japan for the Chinese people is the opening of a new wedding venue in Japan comprehensive information site - "Japan's Green Wedding" (http: / / wedding.en-japan.com/cn /). According to the Japanese government's Bureau (JNTO) Shanghai Office report, 2008,2009 two years, for two consecutive years of Chinese visitors to Japan exceeded 100 million passengers mark. According to JNTO Shanghai Office of China's travel agencies survey results, 8 percent of travel agents surveyed believe that "2010 will further increase the number of tourists to Japan." In China, a trip to Japan and buy Japanese products become a status symbol. Especially young people, the vision of Japanese culture and the enthusiasm increasingly high. In addition, according to Chinese statistics show that marriage and Industry Survey, 2009, urban residents consumed directly related to the total married more than 6 one hundred billion yuan, of which the wedding dinner is even more rapid growth of consumption. It is in this context, so that EN-JAPAN Co., Ltd. of Japan to see the wedding market opportunities in China, decided to set up comprehensive wedding information site - "Japan's Green Wedding." The so-called "Japan's Green Wedding", is advocated by the EN-JAPAN Co., Ltd., and harmony between man and the environment as a wedding theme wedding mode. This wedding planning design from the EN-JAPAN Co., Ltd. is responsible for, and will be posted to the site design. In order to enjoy the comfortable couple from China's service, EN-JAPAN will be chosen strictly on the wedding site, requiring the contractor to use Chinese sites must be able to provide services for users. Website, when, EN-JAPAN First published on the website five Cheng Li, the location is chosen well-known resort in Japan and very popular in China, "Hokkaido", "Okinawa", "Hakone", etc. . To allow more Chinese customers to understand the online wedding site, EN-JAPAN Co., Ltd. has been pre-tier cities in China, Shanghai put in a free newspaper "I Age." EN-JAPAN Co., Ltd. of Japan said that it will provide customers in China through the wedding-related information and attract more Chinese tourists to Japan for sightseeing and shopping, and hope eventually to attract young people of China to Japan wedding.
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