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Undesirable feudal customs of arranged marriages should be discarded

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June 17, Yongshou County People's Court in Shaanxi Province in the ordinary courts often Ning Yi Ning Zhendong Village Cultural Square Yanghua public hearing of the plaintiff (a pseudonym) and the defendant Zhang (not his real name) a divorce dispute case, less than 1 year of marriage together life of the original defendants were only more than a month divorce mediation, the village cadres and the masses within the jurisdiction of the case nearly 30 people were observers. August 2009, the plaintiff and defendant met through a matchmaker and introduced in December the same year held by the rural customs of marriage, each of the parties to go out after work, do not have any contacts and links. March 2010, the plaintiff and the defendant because of chores to go out after a fight, the defendant numerous experiences of finding the plaintiff parents, dignitaries, and then both families fighting this fight, the public security organs have been involved. May 2010, the plaintiff lack of understanding between the two sides before marriage, marriage does not establish the true feelings of the couple on the grounds a lawsuit with the defendant a divorce. Plaintiff said he had been dissatisfied with this post marriage, the parents of their own favorable conditions that the defendant forced his family married. The defendant emotions very angry, and repeatedly claimed that the plaintiff parents to get her kite, before and after their marriage this pile up to 3 million dollars to spend, we will never agree to divorce. After accepting the case, the judge considering the case, Department of arranged marriages in rural areas are more typical case, this situation is common in divorce cases locally, decided the case using the "Five into the" form of trial, and also invited the village area cadres and the masses to attend, and strive to achieve "education, heard the case of a" social effect. After the mediation process in court, often on Ning Tribunal, observing the circumstances of this case and discussion on issues such as arranged marriages, observers who speak their minds, all have our say, full of the case and expressed their views and opinions of such problems, it was generally that the instability of marriage and family will give the family, children, community health development has brought a variety of risks, in order to prevent the impact of family harmony, children's growth, social stability, the whole community should make common concern status and marital problems development, and resolutely put an end to forced marriage and "lightning" marriage, divorce occurs, the relevant departments should do the values of marriage guidance and advocacy, to maintain social harmony and stability. The judges, after observing the patient persuasion and actively participate in mediation, the two sides reached agreement on the original defendant, the defendant by the plaintiff to return the bride price of 9,000 yuan agreement, the successful conclusion of the case.
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