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Secret: Qing Dynasty Royal Wedding

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Treatment of the Emperor to enjoy the wedding is only four Today I talk about some knowledge of the Emperor wedding. We all thought that the Qing Dynasty emperors lived in the Forbidden City, he should get married in the Forbidden City, it is not. If wedding ceremony held at the Emperor in the Forbidden City, then, must have such a premise, when he was very young when the emperor, to the marriage age may be in the palace before the wedding. If he married before the emperor, he inherited the throne in the future, will hold a simple ceremony. In the Qing Dynasty, from Junji until Xuantong. Junji ten, only the emperor, Kangxi, Tongzhi and Guangxu, the four emperors of the wedding was held in the Forbidden City, called "the wedding ceremony." Last Emperor Pu Yi also had a wedding in the Forbidden City, but then is a Republican. It said the four emperors ascended the throne when they are very small, Kangxi largest, only 8 years old dynasty, the smallest, only 4 years old. But we are more familiar with the Yongzheng Emperor, he married the age of the literature does not clearly documented. About the emperor's wedding, the general said, "etiquette" that the "gift" and "instrument" there is some difference. Words in the development process, meaning it to happen a certain evolution. "Li" the emphasis is on an internal, spiritual, invisible, reflects a nature of things. "Instrument", we talk about the ceremony, it is visible, you can see, through these ceremonies to reflect the meaning of "gift." They gathered all her family to Queens Qing Emperor before the real wedding, with a special link, that is, pick female. Women in the Qing Dynasty draft is handed down as an institution. Such as the Ming court, the people have also selected some of the more handsome woman, but it is not the system, non-conventional. The Qing emperor before marriage, are held every three years draft woman activities. The reason why women pick at, because the Qing Dynasty emperor that he owns the world, so he hoped to rule in his range, the best harem women should be included to allow them to master meter the world. But we should not forget that the rulers of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, so he just put banner of the woman, that the election of the palace eligible. There were three types of banner: The Manchu Manchu, Mongolian and Han Banners Banners. Han Banners very special, they actually are Han Chinese, but the allegiance of the Manchu, when Nurhachi, Taiji, they also compiled a flag to the people, so they can be considered Banners. Each of the eight flag, a total of twenty-four flag. Provides three years of Qing Dynasty, round the flag in the age of the women will stand for election. Management of household was Sector is the Ministry of membership, both as household management, but also time the country's financial management. The Ministry to the system twenty-four flags are issued a document, notice to draft women. If the first round by the brush down, called "leave brand," these people can easily get married. If we are to the division of the primaries, as women can be assigned to the division of Prince show. If the emperor is not married that year, the Ministry may have been registered, waiting for the check. To check the time, people would be selected as queen, and some people were chosen as Princess. Emperor married women from the draft he began to draw a "wedding Pictures", there are many pages, the whole marriage process is drawn. After selected the Queen, not that live in the house, and this is just a prelude. Show women on the election, but also the first back to her parents, waiting for after the ceremony related to the palace to marry. Queen Nala out like dynasty Shenwu Men back to her parents, they can take the palace of the chair. When she returned, nor is she a man back home. Jin Fei was also selected and Zhenfei. Dynasty, after that time is a two-Fei, Jin Fei and Zhenfei also followed back to Nala's maiden, waiting for the next step of the wedding process. Queen, that is Nala's father was Banners Fudu Tong, is a high-ranking officials, they keep a lot of houses. He opened up a yard, called the West are. Queen and Princess were about to live here stay, the Queen of her family who can not come into contact with. Because people who already belong to the emperor, and others are not close. Palace eunuchs are still sent out, the guards to give them service. Queen or Princess, as the show prospective women who enter the marriage ceremony stage. "Angel" gnaw into matchmaking it? As for the marriage ceremony, including the two contents, namely, Nace "and" great sign "." Nace ", the queen at home waiting for the emperor pick auspicious day, and then held a" Nace ceremony "." Nace Ceremony " Imperial emperors specific Nace envoys to the Queen family. Nace is not easily able to make when, it is important princes, ministers to provide a list of candidates give the emperor, the emperor who then delineated as Nace so. "Nace to "There are also pairs, called" Nace Fushi. "Some of the media what to say," Nace is an angel "," Nace, Vice angel ", the emperor's how all of a sudden become a matchmaker," Angel "it?
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