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Enthusiastic about the rising cost of Lanzhou National Day holiday the couple ge

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At 11:20 on October 1st Xu, in Lanzhou Hotel's banquet hall, the groom, greeted Liu Jie guests come to dinner, his face could not conceal his smile showing. That day, and Liu Jie Hotel in Lanzhou with the wedding there are 5 other couples. Although autumn is not looked forward to good weather, but this did not affect the many going into the marriage, the bride and groom a good mood.

Today is a good day

"Choose marriage today is the National Day celebration Xiangzhan point." Selected October 1 as the bride married Zhangwen Juan said, get married when their car when walking through the city, see the flags on both sides of the street, to feel particularly happy, and such a wonderful time of year are rare. "More importantly, on October 1 '2010 ', this special day in my eyes, a very precious significance, today's date in two 10-symbol of perfect marriage, a symbol of the soon to open new The first step in life, "Zhang Wenjuan a bit shy to say," In addition, the National Day every year wedding anniversary and the same day, there are so many people celebrate, I think this should be a very romantic thing ... ... "

Married during the National Day get together

"This morning take the bride went from small circled Road West Lake, along the way ran into seven Banhun Shi's team, it seems recently that the peak period of marriage." Zang Xiaojun day early in the morning to go help a friend Banhun Shi, every holidays, when the driver even than usual, he is always busy. According to him, in the "October", he is only 4 October 1 rest of the time, and the remaining few days have long been friends and colleagues make an appointment, not to help is to drive a bride to the wedding reception. "This holiday is also quite good, at least every day festive." Zang Xiaojun said with a smile.

It is understood that in the "Eleventh" period, Lanzhou Hotel, Friendship Hotel, lying Ning Zhuang Hotel, Hyatt Binlou, Gansu International Hotel has the capacity to host large banquet rooms, hotel lunch weddings have been booked.

Push hot wedding etiquette wedding

Peak by the impact of marriage during the National Day, Lanzhou City, the wedding industry is also extremely hot. According to reports, many wedding companies booking volume has hit new high this year, especially the wedding host and wedding car than the number of times last month, an increase of nearly 1.

Ma Xiaoping company to work in Lanzhou, a wedding, only on October 6 that day, he will have 6 couples planning weddings. "Holiday period, at least 3 weddings a day to host, 一号, III, VI are more married people, III and sixth two days will host 12 weddings, the two days we have ahead of two months, not orders, and then the also ran over. "Ma Xiaoping said, the situation in his knowledge of the wedding companies are similar.

Increased cost of marriage

"Now the average price rose 2.5 yuan / sticks." Guang-wu Gate Flower market operators Ms. Lee told reporters, "and last year only 1.5 per Golden Week." "This year, more extreme weather, the quality of the various areas of the flowers and quantity have been affected. "Ms. Lee said that from the beginning of this year in August, due to tight supply, the price of flowers has been stubbornly high, 9,10 months, children get together as the wedding, it is the flowers to the flower market prices rose.

Flowers prices wedding flower arrangements directly raised the overall price. "Last year, about the wedding arrangements offer a 800 yuan, nearly 1000-1100 yuan this year." Boss of a wedding company, told reporters.

Rental prices were also the same wedding, photography, video and other services. It is understood that more concentrated as the date of marriage, although some rental wedding photography business and the provision of increased prices, but still in short supply.

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