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20 of newly-married bridal chamber geomantic contraindication

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Geomantic contraindication 1

Bridal chamber position had better be auspicious in sunny azimuth, if the light is too dark, make be worried of two people state of mind presses the pit of the stomach easily.

Geomantic contraindication 2

Bridal chamber air this are expedite, lest new home all reachs the lumber of decoration (avoid black wingceltis, black) , the respiratory system of person of paint flavour a place of strategic importance aing kind of sweet grass, influence brains.

Geomantic contraindication 3

Bridal chamber wall and domestic all, curtain does not use pink meeting to make person generation cranial nerve feeble, confused as far as possible fear, get angry disturbedly, easily, and affray thing often happens necessarily.

Geomantic contraindication 4

Bridal chamber is tonal if lunar is dark, wait like deep blue, deep green, scarlet, deep gray, make mood of husband and wife easily not bright and clear.

Geomantic contraindication 5

Color of bridal chamber floor does not want too dark, or make a person especially bright redly, redly, pinkly, easily grumpy, quarrel is much.

If towel of bridal chamber carpet, bed, curtain is gules, the chance of unripe girl is more.

Geomantic contraindication 6

The head of a bed of bridal chamber two side, cannot Xiang Weiyu's door, the body is owed how.

Geomantic contraindication 7

Before the bed of bridal chamber cannot Xiang Weiyu's door, newly-married body is disturbed, next unripe angina, abdomens when the pit of the stomach enrage the disease of hard pass the time in a leisurely way quite.

Geomantic contraindication 8

The television cannot be put to rushing before the bed of bridal chamber, beware cranial nerve is feeble.

Geomantic contraindication 9

The left and right sides is reached before the bed of bridal chamber, had better not take big looking glass, talking around is much.

Geomantic contraindication 10

On the ark of the head of a bed of bridal chamber, never put acoustics, lest cause cranial nerve feeble or the calamity of talking around.

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