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Abdomen of protruding of difficult hide from view of gauze of marriage of editio

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Dong Jie Pan Yueming pulls a hand to show body marriage banquet

Abdomen of protruding of difficult hide from view of gauze of marriage of edition of Dong Jie Han

  The report just announced Chongqing times on September 27 marry the Dong Jie Pan Yueming that illuminate, the international club around hotel of Beijing swallow Sha is low-key yesterday midday held wedding. Dong Jie wears gules formal attire and white amice, dish a hair, concise and grave. Media ever filmed solely during 100 beautiful film festival Dong Jie is alvine the photograph of small protruding, the Dong Jie of dress marriage formal attire is alvine and bulgy now more apparent, already “ shows bosom ” .

    Did not invite star to attend

  This year July, our newspaper reported Dong Jie and the news that Pan Yueming has married and are pregnant solely, the insider inside the circle divulges to the reporter two people will hold wedding on October 26 at that time, dan Dongjie and Pan Yueming get married in Beijing stealthily yesterday however, so low-key that did not invite a friend inside the circle. The person of the same trade that occupies the spot discloses, bridegroom official Pan Yueming wears black suit, making red tie, from beginning to end the face brings a smile. Because wedding is to be held secretly, known media is very few, without any star congratulate, so the spot appears very quiet. Two kin does not gather to 10 desks person have a meal, feeling letting a person is a pair of common husband and wife are in marry. The Dong Jie of formal attire of a suit red is wrapping around white amice stands by Pan Yueming, laugh very sweetly.

    Photograph of pregnant of “ of difficult hide from view of gauze of Han edition marriage”

  In bridal spot, dong Jie wears gauze of marriage of Han edition red, although be the design with tall comfortable waist, but also can not cover ” of “ big abdomen. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, dong Jie was pregnant this year in June, originally two people are ordered wedding was held October, dan Dongjie's abdomen is compared one day one extremely big, the action is no-go also, just changed wedding day to shift to an earlier date wedding temporarily so full a month. Although before the fact that Pan Yueming ever admitted to Dong Jie has pregnancy to media, but the joyance that the figure of grow stout of Dong Jie appreciably still let a person feel she wants to become mother yesterday. It is reported, dong Jie's expected date of childbirth is next year in April, at the appointed time Pan Yueming will upgrade formally become father.

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