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Hu Jing held luxurious wedding to be married on September 27 Malaysia rich and p

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Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad quiet bridal place ” of palace of “ gold horse

Hu Jing is in of Zhu Zhaoxiang accompany next trying marriage gauze (data chart)

Hu Jing of red star of movie and TV will be in Saturday (27 days) get married Zhu Zhaoxiang of Malaysia wealthy businessman, a of two people luxurious and bridal estimation will expend millions your auspicious (Malaysia coin) .

Zhu Zhaoxiang is director of director of group of favour of Malaysia filial piety, he and pat the Hu Jing that procrastinates 3 years to be in surely late Saturday 7 when, in Jin Ma the Le Marquee of palace holds wedding of royal garden type. As we have learned, this wedding opens the banquet 60 to 80 desks, predict to will more than more than 1000 come from this locality celebrity, abroad actor to wait attend, occasion is mixed quite ceremoniously royal.

This will start the dinner of marriage of rich and powerful family of travel in golden horse palace, the expenditure that sheet is late banquet predicts to exceed several 100 thousand, plus the marriage give up of invaluable, and the marriage gauze that by Japanese famous stylist Gui Youmei designs, believe whole wedding expends millions, it is afterwards place Queen of heaven is taken low alizarin red after Dinuohalisha's sensation is bridal, another century is bridal.

It is reported, the wedding of two people tradition of basis this locality consuetudinary, include team of white overhead traveling crane to greet a bride, act according to all marriage ceremony such as tea to elder. Hu Jing will put on 4 formal attire, among them one is by Japanese stylist Gui Youmei measures what have something made to order personally to preside over a wedding ceremony for its gauze, another is the cheongsam restoring ancient ways of period of the Republic of China, additionally two are in evening the banquet is mixed when saluting, wear, predict charge of these 4 formal attire also will exceed 500 thousand.

As we have learned, spot of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad static requirement with pink for main and tonal, act the role of with a large number of crystal article will decorate. Sheet of the marriage dinner scene that alludes besides afore-mentioned place, eat, formal attire and get Buddhist monastic discipline, invitation and other travel wedding to must be tasted etc, also will expend brushstroke not decimal eye

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