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Is Liu Tao exposed to the sun to go up is lunar happy event gets daughter husban

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Wang Ke is Wang Shi eldest son of president of 10 thousand divisions

Acted according to early in January this year child the Liu Tao that get married, 5 days expressed to have the baby ” with lovely “ in rich guest. And stick in Baidu Liu Tao in, the netizen explodes those who expect Liu Tao is unripe is a daughter, the birthday of darling was on June 22.

The royal and bridal Ceng Hong that Liu Tao of the beginning of the year and king of young rich and powerful people a jade-like stone to be held in Beijing is moved temporarily, bridegroom is passed to be the son of stone of king of real estate big alligator for a time. Look now, liu Tao already followed early in September last year actually Wang Ke marriage, because she publishs “ in rich guest 30 and the feeling character that establishs ” : “ still has two months to marry one year, the live well with true time is fast. ”

Last year in October, liu Tao announced marriage dispatch in his rich guest, easy admitting already was ” of “ king mistress. This year January, liu Tao held costly wedding in Beijing. Yesterday, liu Tao explodes in rich guest again makings say, she and her husband had greeted healthy and lovely baby. The netizen guesses in succession, “ Liu Tao shares good news actively with everybody again, are we waiting to see her place full moon alcoholic drink below? ”

Rich guest explodes makings greet darling

Reporter discovery, already two many months did not update the Liu Tao of rich guest, on July 5 compose one " 30 and stand " Bo Wen, among them word words and expressions sentence the happiness after revealing a marriage. Liu Tao writes in the article: “ thanks a destiny to let me harvest so much in a years this 30 years old. I that spotless husband, he is used the purest love to caress me really most, the ability that exhausts everything and the life ……” that responsibility creates us write here, liu Tao mentions designedly: “ is in a such families that are full of love, we greeted healthy and lovely baby, I present am happy and contented ……” is caught really, big still list does Liu Tao virtuous the determination of wife fine mother: After “ woman gets married, than what the home, husband, child is important, total hope does some of what ……” for them in finite life

Get married when admit to have pregnant

Liu Tao married in January this year, she admits she is to act according to at that time child get married. In bridal spot, there is the smile of happy sweetness all the time on Liu billows face, bridegroom is in all the time by deep feeling is looked attentively at, the conjugal love everybody of two people all stops eye ground. Arrived to give elder the link that propose a toast, liu Tao sweetness announces, oneself had been pregnant, and recreational group will be exited after marriage, do a good wife hard, photograph husband godchild. Wen Yan, bridegroom parents nods very happily again and again, big favor Liu Tao is a ” of “ good girl. According to media coverage, liu Tao had had the pregnancy that 3 months control at that time, so computative, she was delivered of the child very likely recently. Yesterday, the reporter tries a few times to contact Liu billows agent, but the other side says “ does not know ” only. And him Liu Tao the mobile phone also is in all the time close plane position.

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