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Quan Xiangyu and Sun Taiying of former Korea young lady got married on September

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Eve just comes out eaves of photograph of Han particle power and Sun Taiying of former Korea young lady interact secretly already after the message of half an year, korea media explodes again again yesterday makings say 2 people will get married on September 28 this year. Although Yu Weizheng face responds to authority photograph, but also not be happy to not be good at for the Korea media of the Eight Diagrams, this message believes won't an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. And two people are such lightning marriage, have facts one wishes to hide whether additionally?

Situation of authority photograph world decides Korea young lady

Sun Taiying is one's previous experience of Korea young lady, because act the leading role Li Xiuying MV and for audience place hep, ever acted the leading role the film " Beijing justice line " with teleplay " I am a teacher " , " 1 million roses " , " marry with millionaire " wait for work, heat up greatly in Korea recently " one branch plum " she also has a ginseng to act. Last year in October with before male friend parts company, feeling is blank all the time later. And suddenly recently Korea media explodes makings, say Sun Taiying and the beginning of the year of authority photograph world already decided love concerns, half an year of secret already nowadays society, say 2 people decide to entered marital hall on September 28 this year. It is reported, 2 people are the beginning of the year encounters accidentally on the party of the good friend inside the circle, hit it off perfectly fall to come 2 in the future develop a sweet heart. Already passed and stand year Quan Xiangyu, publicizing before new piece " fate " when the person that ever expressed to “ thinks and love me and believe me time and again marries, if the opportunity is mature, important event is placed before planning to be in 35 years old. ”

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