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Changsha National Day marries gather together

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Dispatch “ did not think of 3 Hunan Metropolis Daily on September 23 an Olympic Games fries market of whole marriage banquet fire. ” reporter understood from hotel of class of star of Changsha much home recently, the banquet of Olympic Games marriage this year lets 11 ” of coming “ grow a holiday to appear busy all the more. Additional, book circumstance discovery from the hotel, the marriage banquet of 11 ” of “ has come to began on September 25 ahead of schedule this year, just will end to October 10.

Banquets of 25 day, 28 days of 26 day, marriage had ordered “9 month full. The staff member of big public house of ” gold source tells a reporter, not only 11 ” of “ grow false marriage banquet to had been ordered entirely, marriage of 11 ” concentration celebrates “ period also come ahead of schedule by September on the weekend.

The reporter sought advice from Changsha to carry Da Xilai ascends the staff member of hotel of hotel of hotel, imperial crown holiday, Pu Ruiwen spring, they all express, the banquet of National Day marriage this year is booked particularly hot, 11 ” of common “ in holiday, on October 2, even numbers day of 6 days, was grabbed early to order last year go out, the clerk of hotel of general luck hot spring still tells a reporter, current, the marriage banquet before October 10 already booked this inn full.

The Huang Yu that is about to marry expresses, marrying is one of the most important times in him life, and as it happens is Beijing Olympic Games this year, also be the great time of our country, choice Olympic Games year hold wedding, what can touch an Olympic Games is festival, adumbrative our life is happy also.

The Zhang Lei that works in Changsha was mixed on August 8 be in love old cummer got a marriage certificate, and they were in wedding day surely however on October 6. Zhang Lei thinks he shifts to an earlier date originally two many months are engaged beforehand the banquet should be relaxed, did not think of new personality is too much, left seek relation right ask for help, ability and hotel signed marriage banquet contract to pay deposit.

Zhao Huan is joyous also plan 11 ” hold “ marriage banquet, but she impatient is in early had booked marriage banquet last year.

The reporter is returned from the urban district store of photography of gauze of a few marriage understands, choice marrier wants over in former years generally this year, should receive everyday now tens of seek advice or book the telephone call that takes marriage gauze to illuminate.

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