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Tibet: Did a marriage certificate to want to make an appointment on October 1

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Yesterday, the understanding after the reporter visits building of shadow of gauze of marriage of the part inside Lhasa city, beautiful inn, public house arrives, beautiful inn and hotel are holding bridal new people to making all sorts of preparation for National Day, it may not be a bad idea of business of building of marriage gauze shadow at before paragraph time.

Civil administration bureau

Ascended summary to make an appointment on October 1

Yesterday morning 10 when make, the reporter does card hall to see in bureau of civil administration of area of Lhasa town the area just outside a city gate, a few pairs of sweethearts are queueing up to register marry. Tell a reporter to sweethearts, they think those who marry to was registered that day on October 1 originally, but worry about National Day of civil administration bureau to have a holiday again, because this is registered ahead of schedule, held wedding again on October 1.

Bureau of civil administration of area of Lhasa town the area just outside a city gate does card hall a chief says, at present they had not received the National Day to plan the announcement that be on duty, “ but if sweethearts wants to was registered that day on October 1,marry, can make an appointment ahead of schedule, when arriving, we can send a staff member to deal with. ”

Building of marriage gauze shadow

Offer ceremonial robe or dress of gauze of newest money marriage

Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in Shen photography limited company, makeup girl is making up for a pair of sweethearts, cameraman also has made corresponding preparation. The person that “ takes marriage gauze to illuminate as a result of these two days is much, before our business also is compared paragraph time has improve apparently. Fourth gentleman of staff member of ” this company says.

Ms. Li of limited company of Yin Kai photography says, have a characteristic to give the sweethearts that marries in the National Day to offer and trendy marriage gauze and formal attire, the photography of countrywide marriage gauze that before the company sent ginseng technically to add, holds in Shanghai before long is exhibited, ordered the marriage gauze of newest money and formal attire in Chengdu, 20 days already arrived entirely.

Spend shop

Flower and its business price are stable

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