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Ning Bo rolls out home first " marry take scene theatrical work " service

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Machine-made setting mixes shadow building to be placed affectedly pat new personality of the ' after letting more and more '80 to feel drab, of personalized film filmed their bestow favor on newly. 23 days, alliance of travel of 328 chamberlain type rolled out Ning Bo ' of first ' marriage film of domestic serves an item, have something made to order personally for youth quantity only love scene drama, draw the look of numerous new personality.

As we have learned, the film leading role of ' of film of individuation of this kind of ' is new personality, perform oneself love story by themselves. Group of professional produce a film dramatizes for them, directive show and later period editing and rearrangement. Film the ground is nodded should of new personality ask and decide, also be travel destination at the same time. The personage inside course of study thinks, this kind of means will break ' the ' marriage of a paragraph of car of an one umbral collect, marriage, DV' celebrates mode ' .

One comes round to sign up those who film child the young lady says: Photography of ' marriage gauze is one of conjugal grand operas. The automation line in shadow building of type film let us feel to do not have originality, but must drift with the tide so again. Some him new personality organize a group to film, but not quite professional still, and cost is high also. And such scene drama films can let us experience next flavor that become an actor already, left happiness to newly-married memory, still can undertake honeymoon travels ahead of schedule. '

Station director says Ning Bo of ' of ' marriage film, whole love drama does not have dialogue, express kind with enjoyable art however, let each pairs of new personality deduce his love story below whole journey guidance of the director, deserve to go up in later period music, dialogue.

According to introducing, film the charge of such personalized film 16888 yuan, the theatrical work of love art scene that includes 12 minutes, film magazine of art of gauze of a titbits, fashionable marriage and destination honeymoon travel. Current, two ground had built Ning Bo and Guilin love film films base. City of each province of the whole nation since next year also will be built in succession film base.

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