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Darwinian enumerated marriage and do not marry reason

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British nature science learns a Charles - Robert - the founder that Darwin is Darwinism, his " species is genetic " and " Darwinism " changed people to be opposite almost the view of whole world. Make a person however uncannily is, darwin is opposite in those days marriage however very hesitate. Allegedly, before deciding to whether marry, darwin lists finish marriage and the reason that do not marry technically with 19 pages paper. These manuscript will exhibit in England at the near future.
Reason: Whether to marry with watch elder sister?

As a scientist, darwin does not think any respects in oneself leave hole, although marriage also is such. Darwin is opposite as a child the Emma that express elder sister - heart of Wei Ji five has a special liking. Emma - the daughter that heart of Wei Ji five is Darwinian uncle, also be home of famous crockery design and maker Qiao Saiya - the granddaughter of heart of Wei Ji five. She grows very beautifully, and clever and bright, have knowledge and education very much. Aimabidaerwen is big 9 months.

But Darwin does not want to marry brashly. Accordingly, he is in 1838 Xia Mo, south America is gone to before taking ” of “ gundog date namely western the 3rd year after archipelago adds Lapagesi to have the stay away from home that make an on-the-spot investigation 5 years, use the scientific method that oneself study, go out to hold with and reject several conjugal argument in the itemize on 19 pages lambskin respectively, undertake discussion one by one especially with the father Rob as doctor and financier next.
Finally, darwin persuaded him eventually, with as a child the knot of the happy event that express elder sister of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse manages repeatedly.
Conjugal advantage
In endorsing conjugal argument, darwin lists gave following entry: The child (if god is willing) ; The spouse of lifetime (the friend when old age, who can be interested in a person? ) ; It is better to compare a dog anyhow; Family, somebody attends house; Wonderful music, chat with the female, these things are good one the individual's health.
Darwin wrote down such word: “ is sacred, resemble a worker bee in that way, all the time the job, job, work again the ground spends lifetime, make a person intolerable simply. A the sort of person lives in aerosol to wind around all the day, the life in dirty London house, more make me intolerable. Imagine, with tenderness virtuous wife sits on sofa, the burner that baking warmth, read or hear music, it is how satisfied. The gender hopes saliva letting a person communicates, of course the love of sexual needs to be contacted through salivary flow probably.
The reason that does not marry
About the reason that does not marry, darwin lists went out to be as follows: Can head for any places that like to go freely; Can chat in order to head for club and clever man; Need not be forced to visit a relative, need not indulge in bagatelle.
Cannot read even in the evening, fat, slack, angst and responsibility, if a lot of children share a biscuit, the likelihood buys a book without money. If the job is too much, the likelihood has the health of caustic person.
The wife after in addition Darwinian very afraid still marriage does not let him continue to stay in London job. He writes: “ probably my wife does not like London; To me, this is likely with respect to imply person by banish, perhaps become a lazy, do-nothing idiocy. ”
Adscript: Intermarriage brews a bitter pill to swallow
Final Darwin concludes: A person cannot cross “ to live alonely, look at oneself all the day; When old age still lead a befuddled life, without the friend, without the child; Need not worry, believe luck, keep careful. ” so far, darwinian had made final decision: Propose like Emma.
On January 29, 1939, england is awarded in Darwin the tremendous honor of royal academician after 5 days, darwin held wedding in birthplace Sa Luo Pujun. That day in the evening, before they take the train, go to be located in the palmy villa with mid London.
Although brilliant success also was gained on Darwinian career, the marriage with the Emma that express elder sister is very sweet also, but the fruit of the knot is agonized however. After marriage, emma was born 6 male 4 female, plan 10 children. However, neither one child is healthy: Two big daughters were not brought up to die young, 3 daughters and two sons are lifelong not Yo, the child of the others also is pestered by serious illness personally, intellective and low.
Darwin is right this 100 think of do not get its to solve, study till old age the plant discovers in developmental process, what different spends pollination is individual than spending pollination oneself individual, the fruit that the ties goes big much, and what spend pollination oneself is individual and special be washed out easily by nature. At this moment he just suddenly be enlightened: Nature is fed up with near marriage. This namely he and the tragic place of the marriage that express elder sister.

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