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New marriage law " new " where be

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Acting pregnant, it is “ lends an abdomen parturient ” , its spermatozoon a pair of couples and ovum are versed in in go-between of the tube outside body insemination, undertake be breedinged artificially formation embryo again, embedded inside the uterus of ” of another mother of “ acting pregnant that has normal uterus. At present many our country places already developed this technology.

According to concerning an expert the analysis says, acting pregnant is prohibited, because its drag in arrives,basically be problem of a lot of medicine that solve hard at present, law, ethics, morality. From jural look, appear possibly still a few problems.

As we have learned, guangzhou ever had produced a such jobs. Couple of a pair of overseas Chinese, wife cannot gravid, its live in domestic elder sister to be little sister acting pregnant of one's own accord. Zhongshan cure adds center of one courtyard reproduction to be them greatly round dream. When about to give birth, certification of hospital of elder sister requirement, proof child is little sister place is born. Hospital in a dilemma: Open a proof, the child is the elder sister is unripe obviously, do not open a proof, the child is to pass — of the insemination outside body to embryo transplants and come really.

From jural look, still have such a few problems that appear possibly. If how acting pregnant mother loses conception ability to do accordingly? Acting pregnant aborts in the process, who bears responsibility child occurrence defect, how doesn't both sides do.

Additional, if allow to implement acting pregnant technology, also do not remove a kind of such conditions. Certain the woman that has normal birth function, be carry bodily form or avoid ache, requirement doctor implements technology of ” of “ acting pregnant. This involved the issue of ethical morality.

Although sheet looks from medical angle, itself of acting pregnant technology also is put in a few problems. Should transplant for instance a few embryo? If move only, successful rate is too low. If transplant many, embryonic vigor is strong, survived, must decrease an embryo. But the likelihood that decrease an embryo brings about pregnant woman infection, haemorrhage or cause other complication, abort finally. If be not decreased, fetal paralysis having a head, epileptic probability will be clear prep above odd embryo. For mother of this pair of acting pregnant and child, it is extremely inequitable.

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