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New marriage law " new " where be

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Divorce requirement is more specific

This " modification decision " the principle that still divorces as the court decision with ” of “ feeling burst, but maneuverability increased on certain level. " modification decision " regulation, have one of following state, mediation is invalid, should allow divorces;

1. The person that bigamy perhaps has a mate and other live together;

2. Executive family force perhaps is mistreated, of abandon family member;

3. Have the abuse refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition such as gamble, drug taking;

4. Because emotional disaccord lives apart full two years;

5. Other cause case of cracked of feeling of husband and wife.

The rights and interests after the divorce is clearer

Children is being visited after the divorce is a difficult problem all the time. For this, " modification decision " increase a provision: After “ divorces, do not bring up filial father or mother directly, have the right that visits children. ” plants this thereby the right is legal change, still give the value of housework for the first time quantify, regulation: Because “ one party raises children, take care of job of other one party of old person, assistance to wait for those who give more obligation, the divorce counterpoises to request to compensate to another from time to tome. ”

Execute divorce fault compensation to make

To the principle of the woman and filial rights and interests is taken care of when body divorces now better, " modification decision " regulation, because the bigamous, person that have a mate and other live together, executive family force, mistreat or abandon family member and bring about a divorce, without fault one party authority requests damages. Here establish fault compensates for a principle. “ damages ” basically is to point to mental damages.

Add invalid marriage and can cancel marital system

This is two legislature first time is affirmatory principal marriage institutions. " modification decision " regulation, those who have “ bigamy; The relative that prohibits marrying concerns; The disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine contracts before marriage, did not cure after marriage; The ” that did not decide marriageable age to the law one of 4 kinds of case, marriage is invalid. Because of what threatening marriage, belong to can cancel marriage. Invalid may cancel marriage, from only then invalid. Party does not have husband and wife's right and obligation.

“ lends an abdomen parturient ” why be prohibited

National Ministry of Public Health came on stage recently " the mankind assists reproductive technology to run way " regulation: Medical establishment and medical personnel must not implement the acting pregnant technology of any forms. Rose on August 1 from this year, “ lends an abdomen parturient ” will be prohibited.
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