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The criminal law that violates inside marriage is analysed

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Above all, be in inside marriage after rape happening, why to have so multilateral person partial the husband that executive sex atttacks, and does different situation suffer the wife of sexual devastate? This basically is the effect that gets the feudal idea that comes thousands of years, because the mankind is very a paragraph long,the history can say is the male the history to female sex bondage. On sexual relationship, the wife is essential asexuality right, the gender is free but character, it is legal sex slave and bear pass a tool that receives era, although suffer the man brutal, also can submit to humiliation, because be in ancient time, the wife does not have the right of any charge husbands at all, although the wife accuses belong to solid, also want convict, make as dry to “ name justice ” person admonish give up. This can show an issue more from the point of semantic angle. Ju " demit sea " “ evil ” besides “ makes”outside the meaning, of “ evil ” the 2nd justice for the ” of relation of male and female with shocking “ , sexual relationship of husband and wife is of course besides “ shocking ” , the essential feature of “ evil ” concerns for the men and women beyond husband and wife, itself of “ evil ” be about to the husband eliminates outer, so, the husband nots allow to enjoy sexual hegemony suspiciously. But, this is what time, be 21 centuries is epochal, china already also entered the period that develops flourishingly, reforming and opening, market economy is waited a moment, the economic idea of compatriots is being changed, but why to stop however on this not before? This can bring about law and society to be not coordinated of development only, lag, more meeting the elapse as time, generation is counteractive, pulled the hind leg of development.

Next, basis " marriage law " thirteenth regulation: Husband and wife is in the status in the family is equal. Since such, so the right that both sides of husband and wife enjoys equality and obligation, criterion sexual right cannot be place of marital folk prescription to enjoy, and the wife also cannot assume sexual obligation only. The wife has had the right of sexual life not only, also have the right that has rejected sexual life. Sexual life ought to be the communication of the nature is tacit spirit between husband and wife and flesh. Recognize the right that marital sexual violates, deny the right that wife sexual rejects, it is equal to husband and wife extreme contempt, also be to disobey sexual life badly ought to freewill, each other amusement of the main demand of morality of sex of this one socialism, be quits to the right, obligation sex more is misinterpret. Will offset with sexual right of the husband the sexual right of the wife (and make the wife assumes sexual obligation only) be extreme mistake.

Again, the wife is a person above all! Just be a spouse next! During marital relation puts add, the husband produces sexual behavior with the wife forcibly, do not value the human dignity of the wife namely at all, the spirit that violates a wife counterpoises, in one's heart is a wife when by nature machine. Knot of both sides of male and female is husband and wife, do not mean the husband to be able to control the character of the wife and volition arbitrarily, both sides is the premise that husband and wife has sexual life of one's own accord, this also is the minimum requirement of independence of married woman spirit and person freedom.
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