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The belongings before marriage is notarial

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Mention the belongings before marriage is notarial this word, great majority common people is not new, but after all how is notarization of the belongings before marriage to reply a thing? Is doing how program? Common people also is to have a blurred vision, it is not quite clear to do. Somebody is flat rise with respect to just as its name implies: The belongings before marriage is notarial, a belongings notarization is not done namely before two people marry! If you are true so think, then you can violate the right with due others on the idea.

The person that can handle notarization of the belongings before marriage has two kinds: Maiden husband and wife is only among them one of, married husband and wife also can deal with notarization of the belongings before marriage, just the belongings before the consultative content that both sides concludes involves respective marriage only, and the property that does not involve the both sides after marriage to obtain. Because this calls " agreement of the belongings before marriage is notarial " .

Because maiden husband and wife does not have jural husband and wife to concern, respective belongings is attributive and easy limit, problem of nonexistent common property. Just marriage husband and wife wants to do this notarization, those who be about to obtain a spouse is complete agree and support adequately, ability deals with this notarization smoothly. Because our country marriage law sets, during spouse concern puts add the belongings of earning, divide outside having an agreement additionally, belong to husband and wife to share belongings. After marrying as a result of both sides, use to belongings jointly, use up, manage, make personal property undertakes very hard distinguish and be cognizanced with mutual belongings, the agreement that unless husband and wife is bilateral,reachs to place all consentient, otherwise notarization of the belongings before marriage can be only " with Jun Moyuan " . There is party to buy a house in investment of the individual before marriage in practice, after marriage (after remarrying especially) the belongings before old ability thinks a house to do a marriage is notarial, so that leave oneself child, because the spouse does not agree, expended a lot of setbacks. Accordingly, look from the optimal time of notarization of the belongings before conduction marriage, do late be inferior to doing early, do again after marriage as do before marriage.

So how to deal with notarization of the belongings before marriage?

The first pace, party should prepare the following kinds of data: The identification of 1  individual, be like Id, booklet of registered residence, married carry a marriage certificate even. 2  and the property ownership that agree content is concerned prove, if the house property card, area that did not take property right testimony buys a house,the contract is mixed pay bill. The agreement that 3  both sides has drafted. The content of agreement includes commonly: The individual such as the full name of party, sexual distinction, profession, address is basic circumstance; The name of belongings, amount, value, state, attributive; The principle of the use of the belongings before afore-mentioned marriage, maintenance, punish. The autograph of general and bilateral party and contract date are vacant, after waiting for greffier to undertake examine and be modificationed to the agreement, sign before greffier again.
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