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Marriage of Chinese work association celebrates industry committee

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The Committee Of Wedding Service Industries
China Association Of Social Workers.
Marriage of Chinese work association celebrates industry committee is the marriage that holds water via approval of department of civil administration of People's Republic of China celebrate an industry only national industry government and directive orgnaization; It is the whole nation is engaged in bridal culture, marriage celebrating building of shadow of gauze of service, bridal things, marriage, marriage to celebrate banquet of product, marriage the research such as the service, production, manage, the social organization of the orgnaization of the service and individual composition.

Committee is main the task:

Energetically great poplar health, civilized, fashionable marriage celebrates culture; Establish occupation standard and behavior standard; Supervise, coach countrywide marriage celebrates the market run and healthy progress; Hold relevant groom, assessment, appraise through comparison, commend; The organization is begun marriage celebrate culture to study conduct propaganda; Coordinate the of all kinds issue that solution concerns with the industry definitely; Safeguard a member to close right increase; Increase to reach information communication with the friendly intercouse of relevant organization, organization, individual between international.

Orgnaization setting reachs sectional function:

Administrative office: Data, files, financial management; Marriage celebrate what the service reachs relevant industry occupation standard to make; The qualificatory attestation of member unit, appraise through comparison commends; The theory of special subject survey that constituent marriage celebrates culture and marriage to celebrate an industry studies conduct propaganda popularizes a ministry: Responsible external conduct propaganda of media connection, policy; Of ad plan plan, books and relevant journal publish etc.

Large activity ministry: Plan, hold, supervise and directive marriage celebrates the of all kinds activity that reachs relevant industry, exhibition, conference and marriage to celebrate popular run to release.

Groom assessment ministry: Responsible marriage celebrates a domain groom assessment; Post standard is maintained; Of books, journal and teaching material write.

Ministry of legal general affairs: Assume marriage the relevant law work that celebrates industry committee; Put forward to make relevant law laws and regulations to concerned branch, safeguard a member to add up to right beneficial to wait.

The member enjoys some rights: Have suffrage and the right to be elected, criticism to suggest to counterpoise; Enjoy this information inside all sorts of job that can offer, favourable treatment; Preferential attend marriage celebrate a domain inside groom, recommend an activity; Obtain committee to wait to the mediation of member dispute, harmonious, help.
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