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Newly-married conduct financial transactions 4 paces music

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Article premise wants: We marry! When a pair of sweethearts the decision pulls hand lifetime, elder begins the busy day that carry auspicious, busy move carries young couple when honeymoon of give up of marriage gauze, marriage, arrangement travels, the newly-married conduct financial transactions that also does not forget to mention early him design before marriage " 4 paces music " .

According to civilian view, belong to this year auspicious " marriage year " . Light is " 51 " during the golden week, full street gallop the marriage car that pass, drive a place where people gather for various purposes to be like the ground to hurry off to each bridal spots, had let people experience arrive " marriage year " mad interest. New people is bringing happy smile, busy move is patted marriage according to, buy marriage ring, anthology marriage gauze, when ordering honeymoon of field, arrangement to travel, the newly-married conduct financial transactions that also does not forget to mention early him design before marriage " 4 paces music " .

   Expenditure decreases rise accumulate a space

Marriage is the confirm of love not merely, from economically those who say the economy that also is two independence is individual is amalgamative, pass combination, the expenditure that what can anticipate is marriage hind will far the expenditure the sum under two single public figures, that is to say the result of 1 will be less than 1 + 2.

The most apparent show is in living cost this one part. Before if newlywed is in,marrying, it is outer rent a house, with respect to the chummage with 1500 the basiccest yuan expense is calculated, every month uses two people to paid the charge of chummage achieve 3000 yuan. And the condition that lives for improvement after marriage, they can rent a 2000 yuan housing; Even if buy house of a marriage, section of the interest in the building loan that every month pays also won't exceed 3000 yuan commonly. No matter be which kinds of means, had marital partner of a such firm " copartner " , newlywed is raising him to live quality while, can comparative below the province big the housing pay of one part. It is in the city with a such Shanghai living high cost, the maintenance after marriage can get be reducinged apparently.

Not be housing cost only, a few daily living expenses of the others, like meal, water, report, coal such fundamental fee the sum can be compared before the charge in single life wants low. And live below an eave together, walk into daily life from wind,flowers,snow and moon, the communication cost that is used at contact and appointment and traffic expenses also are met considerably cut.

According to current and average living standard, deeply computation comes down to look, take marital hall, 1000~2000 decreases when the daily living expenses that place of new economic main body needs to assume will compare single life yuan level. Especially for young to those couples, the decreases to mean fortune to accumulate promotion of expenditure, it is ligament with marriage, was equivalent to every month increasing 1000~2000 yuan fortune is accumulated.
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