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"Young couple " the guideline that buy a car

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Forthcoming fall, more and more new personality will stride marital hall hand in hand again. While new personality is dressing up his love mew, the car also was carried as an important consumable domestic program. If where,a love vehicle that suits oneself can choose below susceptive premise, become the issue that they pay close attention to most. The article from practical model offer a few proposals for new people with two kinds of vogue models. ■ civil | Gong Anjun |

Practical model

Directive price: 8.18 - one hundred and nine thousand eight hundred yuan recommend reason: Grade and practical double pursuit

By the world top class car designs Great Master Qiao Zhiya collect a when hold a knife to finish personally " high-quality goods car " , believe to meet be accepted by young couple place, the modelling design of streamline, capacious space and delicate interior trim, and the balanced show that dominates a field is done in 1.4L fuel economy and motivation, can attract the youth's eyeball really.

Directive price: 8.78 - one hundred and two thousand eight hundred yuan recommend reason: TV advertising object is newlywed

Beijing is contemporary and newest the model that roll out, dynamical performance is outstanding, pursuit can be satisfied to hold in 100 thousand yuan of or so cars that be the same as class accuse a car advocate demand; Additionally this car acceded the outstanding tradition of contemporary car, appearance design and space contrast atmosphere, appearance style is lavish, individual character thering is no lack of is moved feeling; Dimensional design is reasonable, there is certain competition ability in the car that be the same as class. Suit sporting young couple.

Directive price: 8.98 - one hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan recommend reason: Chinese type BMW, cheap and fine

The heat that the interior trim that fine horse nimble appears on the market to be changed by right of atmospheric exterior, human nature, outstanding character and likely price got each district car is confused is held in both hands. Hua Chen also establishs the idea that had high-quality goods of ethical home litter by right of this car, having the dimension volume of intermediate car, however with lowest eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan of prices sell, have competition ability quite really.

Recommend a model: Directive price of ▲ of Shanghai masses new POLO: 9.56 - one hundred and thirty-five thousand eight hundred yuan recommend reason: Make a living only at 1970 - body of quantity of acting 1980 crowd is custom-built

Allegedly this model is Shanghai people is aimed at China technically " person of the Five Dynasties " those who make is brand-new model. Of old POLO strong and durable had gotten accepted, compartment interest takes new POLO3 to suit newlywed very much, since is contemporary the prospective newly emerging force of society and enterprise, it is a flock of has grade youths that have deep love for the life, hopeful enterprising, and still have reason to consume a feature, this is the target crowd that POLO interest takes.
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