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The marriage that two ground live apart whether long?

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Viewpoint one: Do not abandon oneself for who

Of love get together come loose to always be concerned with each other feeling. If because which thing was brought about,be,part company, also not be result of a day certainly. This and distance itself concern are not big. So, in the course that maintains love, must not tell abandon oneself for who, the truth that abandon is for additionally one kind actually get, there is the part of a lot of gambles during, include too much and unwilling with the regret.

Example is too much. One party abandons his future for another career, after several years, difference increases, appearance disagreement god more from, this is not the responsibility of one party, it is the instinct of difference. So, love a person, should be opposite more oneself are good, do not do oneself extremely pell-mell. Had made oneself career, make each other interactive, share, this kind of love is more equal and long. The world is an earthly village now, below the premise that has in respective career, the distance can bear the weight of most romance and the most contented love. Not small talk abandons, can be in the following years, leave the career another career is a bit closer of purpose, many each other care pays close attention to.

So, when loving each other, do not care about two ground to live apart actually, do not say the distance of Shenzhen and Beijing, it is the distance with the United States, not important also; And when loving, live together to also do not have a feeling.

Viewpoint 2: Do not use " maintain " will decorate marriage

Is Shenzhen distance Beijing far? If use the speed of the plane to measure,should be not far; If use the speed of the train to measure a bit far; If use the distance of heart and heart to measure, the result appears not quite stable; If use a man and a feminine love to measure, undoubted distance is very close, need to be calculated with the second only almost the time of penetrable distance.

I do not suspect the force of love, beautiful love, can let a person develop his latent capacity without ground of set limit to; But truly perfect love, cannot find almost, with my statistical means, I put in that number 's charge for 0. Look in me, love should be put in a few problems more or less just is normal.

Modern is taller and taller to the requirement of love, more and more comprehensive, the problem nature that should face of course is increasing. Two have the person of the career, easy generation is resonant, love each other more easily so. Apart two ground, I consider as the factor that can't affect love, but affirmative meeting affects marriage. The factor that marriage includes is too much and too much, love is only among them very small one part, although its deal is occupied very heavy, but only the marriage of love is destined to be able to move toward death, because the person is perceptual animal, perceptual when when always crossing reason more.
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