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There is a muddleheaded Zhang between husband and wife

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When many husband and wife do divorce procedure, can divide how for belongings contend for go up a little while, yesterday, registry office of marriage of area of green garden of the Changchun City came 7 pairs of husband and wife handle a divorce, it is when comminute exceptionally delighted, be less than 5 minutes, divorce agreement has been written with respect to all. Besides individual articles for daily use each put in each 's charge, house, deposit this kind " big " 6 pairs gave the woman, another pair is all things gave the man completely.

When doing procedure, the staff member discovers among them a pair marriage certificate registers date was that day. "Firm wherefrom house (marry the office) come out, this card still does not have warm up nice and warm, how be about to divorce? "Passed 10 old, also did not get card, this marriage certificate is gotten, divorce card also came accordingly. " immerse oneself in femaly writing divorce agreement, the child, house, deposit... all things gave the man. And saying maly to saying eye socket is red, wiped a face with the hand, on the agreement the lot left a name.

Same day, be in south registry office of marriage involving an area, break up to male and female belongings do not have however so fast.

That day, walk into to the men and women area marriage registry office closes south the Changchun City, of female eye Gong Gong, male complexion is very ugly also. "We will handle a divorce. " all sorts of their formalities are all ready, namely " divorce agreement " write not clearly.

"You this should keep the man and woman, should not be Party A and Party B. Have again, inside of the child attributive it is clear to should be written with the allocation of belongings, lest produces what issue later. " the staff member of marital registry office asks them to write agreement of a divorce afresh.

Wanted paper, female beginning wrote rise: "The house puts in the man 's charge. " write this, stop femaly, want, where is the home appliance in that house? "At the outset who buys or is used so that who give more. " such, mix maly female figuring the thing in the home in turn, who to put in 's charge certainly, write on divorce agreement a bit. Used time of many minutes 30, they just write this divorce agreement.

"Be! Husband and wife is a muddleheaded Zhang originally, good when, do not divide us, when leaving, it is cent not clear we. " yesterday, still have the husband and wife of a pair of divorces, also be dispute had when writing divorce agreement. Original, when marrying, the man buys the house, but the woman decorates; When the divorce, the house put in the man 's charge, but because the woman decorates the building, the woman compensates one share cash with respect to requirement man, but the man does not agree, from this, the man and woman rise in brawl of marital registry office, must consider their postnuptial Zhang clear.

"I buy the house. " " I am decorated. " " I buy home appliance. " " I also gave money, I buy daily articles for daily use, eat even you at ordinary times, I buy those who wear. " " does that my pay check still put you that? " result, this Zhang is not broken calculate indistinct.
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