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Marry 100 days to make a divorce

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I want to divorce! " one name marriage only the female of 3 many months is hit into our newspaper hot line, advisory divorce matters concerned. 2005 National Day, golden lady of 28 years old and 30 years old of when get along more than one year male friend marry. Before marriage, both sides introduces understanding by family, the both sides after the course gets along discovers special get along well, affirmatory love concerns. After the sweetness of course marriage initial stage, golden lady discovery hits it off perfectly formerly, work the male friend of diligent, a garment became to stretch one's hand after marriage, the meal comes the person of dehisce.
The husband before marriage treats golden lady attentive and considerate, meticulously, and become careless and slow now, a lot of things are apathetic. After coming off work, every time golden lady is in the kitchen is so busy that the kitchen turn all round when, the husband lies on sofa to watch newspaper or TV however. "He won't come over actively to help me do some of chore. Occasionally I ask he helps actively, he however a pair of impatient appearance, say ' the thing that this is your woman ' ! " golden lady says, for this thing, he and marital communication spend many a time, but the husband as before persist one's old ways. The gigantic about-face after the marriage before marital marriage makes golden lady depressed and discontented unceasingly. She tells a reporter, feel oneself are occasionally be cheated to go up by the husband marriage this " pirate ship " .
"I am not the baby-sitter in the home. Matrimony is mutual help, he this appearance, make my heart grey meaning cold really. What sense does such marriage still have? Had been inferior to getting together to come loose, breakfast left calculated! " golden lady chokes with sobs in the phone. "You feel really your marital without a single redeeming feature, does ability of have to divorce solve a problem? " golden lady halt a little while, say: "What actually he also says without me is so bad, I am only temporarily take things too hard! I am only temporarily take things too hard!!
Of classics reporter console, golden lady promises to go back to communicate calmly with the husband, search the essence of marital happiness together.
The reporter's word: "The graveyard that marriage is love " this word often listens the person says. Before marriage, amative both sides always is exhausted to the lover's requirement can the ground is contented, in order to win the lover's good impression, always care the lover's every act. After marriage, this kind of nervous feeling is eliminated, do not need to be chased after closely to the sweetheart did not abandon, then the expressive manner of love also varies accordingly. And after marriage, basic necessities of life, bear children, household bagatelle subsequently and come, nature of bilateral and original a few lives is exposed undoubted, appear even of life manner and viewpoint of value run in the opposite direction. Golden lady is facing such newly-married problem at present.
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