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Peace of newly-married conduct financial transactions 5 principles

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Build newly-built little family this how conduct financial transactions?

It is important that Xiaowu prepares to cross a life one pace, marry. However, the life of bound of 2 the world and lone noble is completely different, where is a variety of this how handles concerned finance affairs issues after marriage?

Xiaowu is the office white-collar of a standard, administrative assistant is made in company of a foreign trade, income still calculates pretty good, probably every months 6000 yuan are controlled. Boy friend young good people of Xiaowu also works in same home company, hold a post sectional manager, monthly pay is controlled 10 thousand yuan probably. Xiaowu is a girl, beautiful money notices to save quite, have 100 thousand right-and-left deposit at present; And the boy friend although income wants many a little bit, but never calculate, have a car only at present so, deposit is less than 50 thousand. Two people did not buy a house, prepare marriage hind to be bought again. Two people are in love 5 years, preparation marries this year. But on one hand, two people were become long " lone noble " , feel to the bottom is done not have in some hearts more or less to the life after marriage; On the other hand, two people experience of conduct financial transactions of it doesn't matter. So, how should the Xiaowu after marriage do the belongings of little family, how the actual condition according to bilateral economy income, build sound domestic economy system?

Expert proposal:

1. Economy kind is adjusted slowly

2. Do not want actuation consumption

3. Bilateral finance affairs wants transparent

4. As soon as possible plans tomorrow

5. Build domestic Zhang this

Marry after getting married, conduct financial transactions becomes the joint liability of both sides of husband and wife. Xiaowu and boy friend although amative a long time, but because do not have collective life experience, must do good consumption to be used to endless and identical thought preparation so. It is so inside the period of time after newly-married, of the other side of should sufficient esteem spend money habit, although you feel too economical or the other side is excessive,consume, also do not want too much intervention, can suit in ground of the successive in collective life only adjust. To principal financial revenue and expenditure, want to discuss jointly, lest causes discomfort. The economic base of newly-married family is average not strong, do not surmount economy to bear so force, go in for pomp, actuation consumption. Want to avoid to buy a lot of needless goods, when encountering the other side to put forward to shop needlessly to offer or ask, might as well calm old oneself opinion and reason. The circumstance of income and expenses of both sides of husband and wife uses transparent means to had been compared, also had better not set " small exchequer " . To daily life expenses, below not wasteful premise, bilateral freedom controls income, but the investment that should have surplus fund having long-term plan, through be being run meticulously, make domestic capital achieves satisfactory earnings. Will tell to just building young couple of the family, a lot of targets need to come true, if foster children, buy housing, acquire family expenses equipment, the thing besides anticipation still appears likely in the meantime, also want to spend money. Accordingly, both sides of husband and wife should have careful consideration to future, as soon as possible makes long-term plan, the income and expenses with specific formulate is arranged, accomplish designedly consumption, keep expenditures within the limits of income, have certain surplus every year. Newly-married family mights as well establish a charge to an account this, adopt the method of charge to an account, make both sides of husband and wife masters circumstance of every financial income and expenses, accomplish know fairly well to economic income and expenses of the family. In the meantime, pass economic analysis, raise the level of investment conduct financial transactions of oneself ceaselessly, make limited fund of the family produces bigger beneficial result, build the family of a perfect happiness with the joint efforts. About conduct financial transactions, cast protect, although rush,have what problem here come! Dare not say to let you the door clear, at least lets you is a unit of length no longer 2 bonze.
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