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20 happy instants

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Awake happily in the morning namely, see a sunshine falls to bedside fitly. Need not get up with rapid move, hide in by there is the mom business in the gently in the kitchen in the nest, not a little while the fragrance of poached eggs diffused whole room.

The cotton cloth that wearing white happily namely grows skirt to go in the evening that attends at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, noise of the as it happens when resembling inn through a sound has a long-unseen old song. Halt a footstep to hear the song then, a lot of beautiful and distant memory are gradually clear in brain rise.

Happiness is a certain insipid on the weekend, that individual of first love is encountered in street turning, without too much word, just ask he can be denied politely will not in good health, introduce to stand by me to involving the person of my hand all the time to him next.

Happiness is the scarf that the cross one's legs after dinner takes in stitch of the stitch on the bed to braid a baby blue, there is him to wear the look of scarf in the heart- - resemble a Little Bear for certain, then yell gave voice.

Happiness is happy from time to tome person for company goes out to eat big food, somebody of hard past the appointed time pats the shoulder that pats his to give on one cup of tepid coffee, enlighten like figure beacon from time to tome shilly-shally my ongoing direction, tired tired when discover somebody is in all the time nearby silent watch.

Happiness is in the still of night when read a good book below the lamp alone, accidental a speech that reads touched the nerve with the finest heart, look up inadvertently, the lamplight that discovers tangerine is soft soft shop roomful.

Smell happily accidentally in spring namely roadside blast a flower is sweet, the T compensate with the bright-coloured dress in summer sits in the seaside to see the tide since tide fall, go on the small market that is French phoenix tree completely in the autumn, there is light sadness in the heart, when snow is waving in in the winter, the station eats the reeky yam that bake in roadside.

Work overtime happily in the evening namely very late, return when oneself is downstair, that window that admires a head to see a sitting room still gives light bit a little bit fully.

The book reads on the couch that is in a park happily namely, a rubber ball rolls crural margin, pick up it in that plump little boy hand that rises to return follow and come, listen to what his crisp is born to say next: "Thank elder sister. "Thank elder sister..

When meeting happily with college fellow student namely, everybody sits together to recollect 4 years to come each petty and moving clue, those who pour out real life is complacent with frustrated, discuss the love story that produces beside. . . . . Respecting excitement is in everybody of unbridled burst out laughing.

Go to work happily namely on long, sit in the attend a lecture in the classroom afresh, look at the grey-haired professor preach on dais to award course of study to dispel doubts, when lowering his head to mark note, seemed to return college age of a certain calm afternoon.
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