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9 rights that lose after man marriage

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Quited the administrative power of bank card, bankbook. Gold is attributive go up very clear, although one calorie is in hand, but the password has wife to know only however; Those are negligible in office small exchequer " case-dough " also by wife honey-tongued give prisoner of war.

■ the consumption that abandoned boycotting fake counterpoises. Buy wedding ring, buy to wife should go jeweller field, that must press carat computation price; Buy to myself, go by the side of the street small shop is bought of ten yuan of money, can wear a day to go. Wife says, as long as love is deep, those who wear a holiday also just as well. Why doesn't rhetorical question herself buy a holiday, she says: "How can the woman wear a holiday, speak

■ quited weekly ball game view right. What calf team, what

Of rocket lake person, all all gives the green image of wife

Han drama gives way; Abandoned the use of TV remote controller; Grime of dirt of at one's convenience is crooked crooked bubble drama shakes at the moment in me will shake.

■ the own option that abandoned seeing DVD. " espionage shadow is heavy " keep to the side stands, wife likes to look " crayon is small new " change.

■ the effigies that abandoned oneself counterpoises. Go patting Marriage gauzeAccording to, I meet with by every means the devastate of cameraman and modelling division, patted full 10 hours, hunger gets my eye to risk Venus continuously, have now and then so a few pieces of my own comparison the modelling of cruel, when also seeing galley proof, by wife PASS, the jade that changes her herself was illuminated, the 6000 yuan group photo that covers a department to leave a few Zhang He wife finally only, I still must thank wife, it is the light that touched a family.

■ the time hegemony that abandoned playing a ball game with the friend on the weekend. Wife be givinged buys breakfast, accompany wife to shop, accompany wife to see the time of mother-in-law be had to free.

■ the option of the body building site that abandoned breathing space. Gymnastical place by gym instead home in, athletic way also by the regulation series instead freestyle, athletic pose is such: Double genu kneels down, two arms extension forward, displacement is decided oneself, direction is decided oneself, double at hand presses a 44 square square ply to have half centimeters brushy object, its athletic regulation is such: Roll out, pull, final result is the point that reachs spotless.

■ after abandoning coming off work, lie in the to newspaper browsing authority on sofa. Change go kitchen and basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle were contacted intimately.

■ abandoned female to female star God adore authority. There is wife only in the eye one person.
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