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Before marrying, I apply for a job plain sailing, because I am young,that is, have diploma, have adscititious and appearance, maiden. Now, I marry already half an year, working person has honeymoon without leisure, did not place even feast urgently even, come to Shenzhen hurriedly. Think it is euqally easy before to apply for a job to still resemble formerly, but day of nearly 200 days went quickly already, I still am " idle is endowed with " in the home.

My age,

Had not calculated in female of special zone profession young. But, oneself still want to capture green tail to spell again, pay family property accumulated over a long time some richlier, who knows this half an year to tasted flavor of to apply for a job however more.

The Shenzhen June already was heated up like a raging fire, I applied for two companies in talent market, one is to become general manager secretary, one is to become sale ministry officer. Although still can apply for a few more, but ask its the address, the place that rents from place should turn a few times car, but did not give resume go up. Husband is in an electron factory to become an engineer, salary is not much not little also, he hopes I look for to leave home to be nodded nearly, the burden is not very serious work, convenient visit the home.

Interview the first company when, first oral, again written examination, still did test of a psychology, pass a barrier, finally by general manager interview. After asking the job experience in detail, general manager muttered to oneself, say: "The secretary here needs to often work overtime, can have a few dinner parties at ordinary times, do not know you whether suit? " did not wait for me to reply, he is pointing to my Id, taking the snout that overrules apparently to say: "The age slants bit bigger. " I had accepted id card, left that company cloudily.

After returning the home, fall sadly on the bed. After graduating oneself, apply for a job all the time very satisfactory, cannot think of to be grown by the age unexpectedly nowadays. Husband comforts me all the time by, encourage my make persistent efforts, be to still one does not have interview?

Interview the 2nd company when, have the Yao of one pace only from the success. Interview of this position have a few people, after a few rounds of assessment, consider appearance, temperamental, record of formal schooling, professional skill and foreign language ability, I already behead of pass a barrier will. I should be remained only in the hall when one person, sale department manager and deputy always appear personally to negotiate finally. Two as usual asked me before working experience and experience, still discussed pay wage issue next. Press my experience, speak of this one pace, pass already successfully half.

Just when I am enmeshed when joyance is medium, deputy total Leng Buding asked: "Do you marry? " I hesitated, remembered the lesson that fails last. Deputy the apprehension that always sees me, kind ground says: "Irrespective, we just want to know your individual state. " see he says so, the heart was put down, conscientiously ground says: "Written guarantee this year. " two leaders are right looked, euphemize: "Such, we consider, inform you again to moment, ? " but, half an year went, that company is returned not contact I. I know, be " married " result.
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