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The university 14 years ago graduates, every monthly wages 107 yuan, increase bonus, allowance also do not pass 200 the left and right sides, but the life sense in those days is common like king. Income passes nowadays 20 thousand, the day gets have too many problems to deal with too however, not only a bit money also assemble does not fall, even momently calculate is worn flower.
Do not have a phone in those days, without the mobile phone, without computer, without the network, all these pay are same do not have. Work 6 days every week, in the evening also recreational activities of it doesn't matter, it is kickball of card games play chess hear music just, pleasure is great, be not beautiful money however. Go seeing a movie at most, be like ability money of a few wool.

The time that needs beautiful money has only on Sunday a day. No more than is to accompany a girlfriend to shop, eat a meal just. Go to work to want to wear coverall, buy the clothes so very few. Once want to buy, of affirmative try to win sb's favor, want even double sock to wear name tag. Hurry to Beijing technically even to go shopping from Shijiazhuang sometimes: Build the car of the unit, live the bag room of the unit, it is free completely. Also did not buy the pressure of the room in those days, should marry only the unit gives cent the room.

Later in a few years, wages rises successively, 300, 500, 1000; Again later, come to Shanghai from Shijiazhuang, income is more a year a step. What Dan Ji blames is, the day is crossed however jump over hardship.

I not charge to an account, rough number rises no more than is these a few: The biggest head is to offer a room, want every months 4000 much; The son's tuition and other expenditure, appear very breathtaking also, classes of last take lessons after school are about 100 one in the evening; Buying a car is paid, but the cost that raises a car is not little also; Shanghai rice is expensive, living cost wants at least 3000, still dare not leave eating house easily; The dress is no good too less, too old be no good, too earth be no good; Cost of property cost, elevator cost, water and electricity, gas cost, call cost, mobile phone cost, network is expended, look ordinary, add up disastrous also however; Calculate one year return the home twice, 3 people smooth travelling expenses is about 923; Entertain guests to go up old hotel, take exercise to go gym, tonsorial go hairdressing inn...

I now the first those who be afraid of is to his fall ill, the 2nd those who be afraid of is friend marriage. Marry give sb a present, the bag has a place 1000 pieces miserable and shabby. Want in those days oneself marry, give sb a present is much criterion 50, little criterion 30, most the brother of iron also does not pass 100. True yearning!

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