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Beware incident of on marriage banquet 5 big brawl

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Marrying is two people of collective life begin, and great rejoicing day that day is sweet touch and a day of overworked, the person of two families goes completing a work jointly, perhaps can encounter a lot of problems that had not encountered, want to notice a little only actually, can avoid. We review first, look how to prevent, how can accomplish the most perfect and do not leave a regret.


1. How is case gift divided

If both sides places wedding feast together, with respect to the problem that can produce case gift how to close. If the man never puts forward actively to receive the kind of case gift again, when the woman makes known her position to accept case gift apart of purpose because of inconvenience again, create bilateral parent's vinegary situation probably. At this moment, to avoid in the future gold is pained problem, the woman mights as well with parental recompense is referenced after wanting the reason of the basis, the proposal accepts case gift apart.

2. Distance relatives by marriage, problem of traffic board and lodging

If the woman a relatives and friends from outside slope arrival attends the banquet, traffic of board and lodging is the number with very large brushstroke. Must want to consider to be clear that total number wants so by man shoulder? The man takes not the problem such as be able to stand!

  3. Convivial " explode desk "

If connect preliminary desk,insufficient payable circumstance falls, new personality or bilateral parent do not want confused because of this magnify to jump, blame each other budget not. Must decide original table sits really first above all full person? If can, preexistence a few familiar relatives and friends banquet, arrange much a place of strategic importance as far as possible 2 people of 1 ~ . Believe they won't mind. So lest " explode desk " the case appears, new personality repeats before best wedding breakfast affirm attend a number.


4. Precautionary photograph takes family of the other side only

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