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Suit 10 conjugal element

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In boundless and indistinct sea of faces, it how many person there is is OK to how many person there is final " pull a hand " ? The person that whether you feel to want to wait constantly did not appear from beginning to end, a newspaper office had south the investigation of the related side, decided finally suit " pull a hand " 10 element.

The first: You each other are the friend with best the other side, do not carry any conditions, like to be together with the other side.

The 2nd: Each other are communicated very easily, mutual and OK very open wide the ground honest everything, and concern is suspected by the other side or need not despise.

The 3rd: Two people have joint concept and viewpoint of value on the heart, and have clear understanding and pursuit to these ideas.

The 4th: You think marriage is all one's life thing, and bilateral (emphasize particularly " bilateral " ) be willing sturdily appoint it is personally in this long-term marriage relationship.

The 5th: Can solve together when producing conflict or conflict, is not to wait to just break out later.

The 6th: It is OK to get along each other are droll, often have mirth, in the life a lot of respects are met wait for with humorous photograph.

The 7th: Each other understand very much, and admit the other side, you know the other side understands your advantage and weakness, still believe firmly you are be admitted by him.

The 8th: From most know you, the place that also is the person with your the most trustful place gets support and affirming.

The 9th: Sometimes you can have romantic feeling, but great majority when, your getting along is special contented and comfortable.

The 10th: You have a special reason, mature society, your both sides is experienced, on a lot of different levels, you are very suitable.

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