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Bridal emcee manages a statement (example) 2

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1. Opening remarks

Main content: Apply colours to a drawing is festival atmosphere thanks guest

2. Bridegroom bride enters

Main content: Introduce bridegroom bride

Introductory bridegroom bride (the setting such as the disposition of bridegroom or bride, advantage approves dew)

Confess of bridegroom bride newly-married

3. Salute

Main content: Thank parents

Thank guest

Husband and wife is right do obeisance to

Parents represents a speech

4. Card marriage

Main content: Ask chief witness at a wedding ceremony to appear on the stage to deliver card marriage speech

5. Commutative ring 6.

Main content: Blessing

7. Cut 8. Cake

Main content: Sweetness of beatific bridegroom bride rises step by step

9. Open champagne

Main content: Bless economize to avoid running short of bridegroom bride love

10. Make a cup of wine

Collectivity lifts a cup of collective blessing

9. Open a banquet

Bridal emcee reference manages a statement:

Each each guest, close friends, ladies gentlemen:

Good evening!

The more than total commission that special honor is respected by us, chair the wedding of Miss XX and Mr XX here.

Hope we all guest are here today can be popular heart plays happily, share the joyance of bridegroom bride jointly, spend a special pleasure and unforgettable night.

Here, I have a little demand-----When the bridegroom bride that becomes us walks into the hall of this newly-married hand in hand, each friends that I hope we are present can use your applause and hip, the music that accompanying a wedding march salutes the advent of bridegroom bride, everybody says, good? Everybody's answer seems to return not quite enthusiastic, your mood, affect my mood directly, everybody says, good- - not- - good?

Now, let us play " wedding march " , cheer the arrival of bridegroom bride!

(" wedding march " since the noise)

Have ask the most beautiful tonight bridal Miss XX and the happiest bridegroom Mr XX!

(bridegroom bride walks along downstage music to stop gradually)

The bridegroom bride that stands beside me is how to look really how suit, a perfect match between a man and a girl, heaven-made union.

XX, when bridegroom how to feel?

... .

The bride is the most beautiful tonight, can you describe happy feeling to us?


Today is the day of your great rejoicing, we are present each mix you are euqally glad, let us bless you again with enthusiastic applause!

Male become greatly marriage, female should marry greatly. Today in day of this great rejoicing, actually the gladdest parents that should be two new personality.

Parental work laboriously raises you big, education you, foster you, expended a lot of painstaking effort, begin from today, can loosen at long last at a heat, because you are grown adult, get married establish line of business. Everybody says, should thank acknowledgment parents parents well?
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