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Bridal emcee manages a statement (example)

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Each each each guest, leader, gentleman, everybody lady, everybody is good!
Sunshine is beautiful, singing flies upwards, joyous sound laughs language, day Jiang Jixiang, in this good time, in the auspicious days this fall, we greeted the union of a pair of sweethearts Mr   and Miss   happiness. The presence to each guest represents the family that permits me to represent 2 new personality and them please above all here cordial acknowledgment and warm reception! Next I announce newly-married celebration ceremony begins now, good, the acoustics division that asks us plays majestic wedding march, let all of us have with the most enthusiastic applause ask 2 new personality to come on stage!
The awaken of spring of red apricot branch is troubled by, the Yi Ren on jade column bridge comes, wrapping around personally white marriage gauze, there is beautiful flower on the head, the bath beautiful woman in happy sweetness is sticking heart, hand to pulling a hand when the center in majestic wedding march, the face is taking away a smile to come to our fund condition. Friends, let us be them heartily to bless, pray for them, cheer for them, acclaim for them, for their perfect union, let us applause enthusiasticly again, bless their good future!
Each guest, everybody is led, today is the Christian era 1999 lunar day, now is Beijing time 8:48. The authoritative public figure that watchs astronomical phenomena according to arrogate to oneself says, at the moment this is the lucky day that get married, it is a very lucky day, so our gentleman and young lady cherish two hearts that each other love each other today, was on this majestic and divine bridal emperor hall eventually!
Excuse me Mr   , are you willing to marry the wife that this young lady is you beside you? (be willing) come again to dot applause please! No matter be poor and lowly and riches and honour until forever? So good excuse me young lady: Are you willing to marry the man that beside you this   Mr   is you? No matter poor and lowly and riches and honour until forever? So good, god matchs, both sides is willing, lifetime is restful, future is bright!
Next I should represent ministry of civil administration of People's Republic of China to issue marriage certificate to bridegroom bride read out! Allow me to introduce 2 today's people of a new type to each guest please next, those who stand in the edge this graceful bridal Miss   that this coquettish young lady is today, forward one pace goes let everybody be known. Raise one's head and look looks, see a bride, person of beautiful beautiful woman is yearning, body form is like fairy slightly, charm is like a crane lightly circle in the air, be like a Shui Furong delicate and charming beauty, be better than is multicoloured Jin Fenghuang, big eye tall bridge of the nose, lean type of labial red tine is fully sweet, should say much beauty has much beauty really, want to say beautiful Sai Qiuxiang, tasteful talent Tang Baihu, to nod Qiu Xiangchou heartbroken, qiu Xiangzhen affection was in at 3 o'clock, desire for love embraces bridal chamber, and see lad have unexpected tricky move, chinese parasol draws Jin Fenghuang.
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