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How to mix when a matron of honour partner man

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You and bride (bridegroom) does the relation have much iron after all? In this kind of moment complete system comes out now! After all, you are a matron of honour that full-court accompanies them on his wedding (partner man) , although tired dot is bit more troublesome, can eat to want than coming solely much more amused, you always should hold sober head, ask when the guest that likes the Eight Diagrams the thing of your cruel in the past makings bride or bridegroom is told when coming out, ten million gets recognize the bottom line that what is finally, if be not affect the whole Duan Zi can be taken,adjust appropriately atmosphere, but but some of some decisive issue wants to be fulfilled absolutely beat dead I also do not say!
[if you are a matron of honour]
Occasionally, with a matron of honour with bridal particularly close relationship meeting bear is worn a very great new job is replaced accept red package, as the friend's a matron of honour, you want nimble, when the kin of whatever respect or friend are present, want for company to before the bride goes up together, be received and be thanked, normally their red bag gives this time came over, you always cannot let the bride that the United States is wearing luxuriant marriage gauze beautifully will take, general or is you, or is bridal mom, can prepare a small red Bao Fang technically to be beside you, use deposit case gift temporarily, want to take care of a lot of one's relatives because of bridal mother as a whole, after before running, running extremely busy, must assume this responsibility so by a matron of honour, bridal spot is lively and take a disorder a bit, you can be gotten keep sober, always strictly observe oneself duty, because,once had happened too the thing of too bustling and missing gift, you but cannot make same mistake!
[if you are partner man]
Regard the friend's companion as man, what you should do is to let everybody know to your friend is before the sweetheart that meets him is what kind of groups very small, you know the joy when friend bachelor or joyless occasion, it is the thing of a few absurdity even.
Wedding says: Bridal that day, your task tells bridegroom to still have kin friend father and mother of the bride namely, bridegroom is a how outstanding youth, he is a good friend not only, good son,
Good student, and he also can is opposite all sorts of occasion rise to the occasion, had better be the memory that has become enamoured already, timely open some of fun in the past.
Begin: The first thing is brief introduction, tell guest you and bridegroom were known old, how much do you understand to him, you should let everybody listen to the friendship that is you to let bridegroom choose you to become him
partner man, if the friend is when your childhood, that says the thing of some of that moment more, good those who let a person know the friendship of you and bridegroom is deep.
Frolic, once you explained you are the best friend of bridegroom, you can take the chance to do some of humour, play the part of the appearance of an actor, say the bad thing that says you and friend to had worked together... not be the evildoing with true what of course... you are one case from time to tome interesting episode, if do what thing for the first time, the thing of acknowledge a mistake person, the story of travel adventure and so on, conte should be short and interesting, cannot reflect the affectionate friendship of you and friend more than first and last.
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