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Of journey of honeymoon of European small town quiet corner

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Gain ground gradually as what European deepness swims, the line of sight of people gradually from familiar to the ear can they go after the Paris of detailed, London, Rome small town —— that changed those fastening to a characteristic of spirit purify, avoid city noisy gladlier implement the life, to Eden of out-of-the-way spirit of rustic open up. And according to not complete count, current, the Europe that travel agent rolls out swims in circuit, 9 included Gu Zhenyou into above.

Represent small town: Swiss Liu dark

Recommend reason: Be in a when Tuoersitai said Liu dark is Switzerland 1856 the most romantic place early. In the Gu Cheng that builds a wall in this 8 centuries, mediaeval cathedral, tower, the palace hall of renaissance period, Di Zhai and ancient alley of hundred years old store, long market, can be found everywhere.

Circuit window: Liu Sen Zhimei depends on its lake water, also depend on its hill, its sky, its cloud, its building, with it place is particular so a kind of emotional appeal. Liu dark lake urban one divides into two, be like the lake water of blindfold of jade-like stone clear like crystal, if the poem seems the picture of the picture,dripping, accept of composer made of baked clay style is in the amour of Lu dark lakefront, the moon music of Beethoven small drunk, be permeated with quiet town of Le Yun, cannot leave water of lake of this one bark. Conspicuous of · of pardonable Ao Daili also chooses here originally eventually old.

From gently glassy the past looks on lake face, above all the bridge of wood of Er blocking low of the century of ground mark ——13 that of greet is Liu dark city, also call ” of “ cathedral bridge, whole bridge is housing materials with lumber, it is Europe's oldest Mu Qiao having a tip; The lake is thither, it is the Pilatusi with arduous lofty hill, the scenery on hill falls in the illuminate of the setting sun, if show,be like concealed; The swan of group is carefree on the lake face with wave crystalline light ground move about, every time somebody is passed from lakefront, they swim can friendlily to the bank, with friendly look, look at you fancy-freely, let you overlook your role, hate cannot go into the lake, with it in all dance.

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