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Spun sugar of honeymoon of whacker of the prairie austral pleasant

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Set foot on the land of county of river of summer of ministry of southwest of the Gansu Province, lie personally between boundless prairie, the wild flower of all over the mountains and plains brings light fragrance, it is the Jing that a piece of any photographs cannot show admires.

Know first: ” of “ whacker spun sugar

From Lanzhou go to before drive car all the way county of Xia He of autonomous prefecture of the Tibetian austral pleasant, make an appointment with 5 hours ability to arrive at. On the way hillside is taking some of color of loess, can arrive summerly river county, height above sea level is gradually high, hill is green also, as if entered another scope of operation.

To concept of it doesn't matter of meadow of so called high mountain, the pleasant that comes to be apart from Cheng of about 45 minutes of cars of summerly river county continuously adds a prairie. Here altitude is controlled 3300 meters, stand in Shan Dian, have the feeling with general view numerous little hill quite. The point that place of line of sight reachs, besides prairie or prairie, hope the green that is less than an edge conquered our everybody.

Set foot on the meadow that still taking early morning dew, just began to still feel nowhere offal, for fear that trampled the wild flower of full ground people. Left gradually in the activity on the meadow, the camera in the hand stops no less than coming momently, harvested graph of desktop of countless standards computer.

Look up look at a sky, the ” of spun sugar of whacker of ——“ of classical actor's lines that the Bai Yun of the top of head resembles is elder brother of 8 give up, just good fleeciness, wait for sunshine illuminate all things, wish to maintain a big parasol to pitch a camp here, bask in daylong sunbathe gift is nice. Nevertheless pleasant adds the vegetation of the prairie to be protected to rise well, we also can pretend only brandish of cheesy ground “ one brandish sleeve, do not take away ” of one cloudlet colour.

Engineer: Drive car adds a prairie from pleasant forth not far it is Gan Jia anise city is vestigial, the anise city with program wonderful essence of life is withholding the city gate that Chinese generation leaves up to now, now still is the place that local dweller lives, can see the mountain ridge of far high and steep here, also be the good place that experiences local folkway.

Stop: In the Zong Hu that amount to Er

Take cross-country car, we amount to lake of Er an administrative unit in Xizang to set out forward, traffic of the highway inside summerly river county is very smooth, the sense that just began to gallop between the high mountain all the way is very good, do not cross a horse to go up, we with respect to ask advice go up of hill dizzy. The Zong Hu that amount to Er is located in the place that approachs the peak, cross-country car go up along hill road, although often can see yak and Yang Qun, but abrupt hill road or very alarmingly dangerous.

The Zong Hu that amount to Er sees first and admire without the Jing in the imagination, the lake water with one tranquil bark hides at the high mountain in, still classics long narrow flag is being adorned, declare publicly is worn its great place. Show smiling face as the sun, the scenery of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains becomes attractive rise, according to the practice of local, we threw a cobble to throw Xiang Hu heart, extensive remove manure from a pigsty encircled dimple to represent the blessing of our bottom of the heart.

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